Several years ago when my collection was out growing my caging, I initially was going to just buy additional cages. After seeing how expensive they were, I decided it was cheaper to build my own. I found building cages to be very fun and exciting. I have built several display vivs as well as several racks. At this time I am no longer building custom caging for other people; I just don’t have the resources now to do it anymore. I hope one day to be able to offer these services again. In the mean time, feel free to contact me with any building questions or problems you may have if you're building your own; I'll be glad to help out!

One of my most popular designs is my "DIY display viv for $100" (pictured below). This design can be built with nearly no experience and for about $100. It's perfect for corn snakes, kingsnakes, and other colubrids. It can easily be modified by using wider melamine shelves to accomodate ball pythons and other larger specimens. The plans are available for download by clicking the link on the right. Feel free to distribute them or even link to them from your site; I only ask that you credit me with the design.


I also recently designed a new rack pictured below. Instructions are available for download on the right.