Like most in this hobby, from an early age I was always fascinated by reptiles, especially snakes. After saving my allowance for what seemed like forever, I finally scrapped together enough money and bought my first cornsnake from a local pet shop when I was 11 years old. I was immediately hooked.

After a few years, a teacher at the school I was attending had a pair of female snakes and we bred mine to his and hatched about 50 snakes. Now I was hooked on both corn snakes and breeding them. I kept two of those back and traded in several of them to the same pet shop for a snow corn that I still have to this day! Over the years I began to acquire different morphs and to create some using my own projects. I've personally always considered it important to me to not let my collection grow so big that the snakes don't become nothing more than a number and remain pets. I've always put quality before quantity in everything I do with reptiles.

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted something "fancy" to house and display some of my snakes in. Previously, I had only used standard glass aquariums that had been convered for reptile use. After much reading on the material I decided to build a custom wooden enclosure. I actually ended up building two of them. Building those brought a whole new sense of satisfaction; to actually build something useful and that looked (what I think) pretty good. I really got the carpenter's itch and continue to build custom vivariums and racks and enjoy doing it immensely.

If you have any questions, commends, and/or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me. Doesn't matter if it's about corns, cages, etc, I'll be glad you answer and help out any way I can.
To place an order use the contact page to send me an email or call me at 214.403.9963 to check the availability of the snake(s) you are interested in. If the snake is available we will arrange payment and schedule a ship date.

Payment plans can also be worked out on a case by case basis. For holding a snake on a payment plan, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the animal while it is being paid off. During that time, the snake will continue to be cared for just as I would any other animal, so you know that while you’re paying it off it is continuing to recieve the absolute best care.

I also offer waiting lists for expected hatchlings. Currently there is no deposit required to be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list is on a first come basis. To be placed on the waiting list, use the contact page to contact me with what you are interested in and I will place you on the list. Once the eggs begin to hatch, I will contact you to confirm your order. At that time, a 25% non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your snakes. After they have shed and fed 3 times they will be available for shipping and the remaining balance must be paid for within two weeks unless other arrangements have been made.

I do not charge extra for lone females. However, depending on sex ratios, lone females may not be available and any female will be required to be sold with a male. I will do my best to accommodate your needs, but cannot guarantee the availability of lone females.

Payment is accepted through PayPal, personal checks (must clear before I will ship), and postal money orders. Cash is also accepted if you are picking up locally. I do not accept money orders (other than USPS), cashier's checks, etc. Payment must be recieved in full before I will ship an animal, no exceptions.

In general I don’t do trades. However, if you feel you have something that I may be interested in, don’t hesitate to ask me or make a proposal. Worst I can say is no. However, the only live animals I will consider are cornsnakes or ball pythons. I’m currently not working with any other species.
I am a FedEx Approved shipper for live harmless reptiles. Shipping is done Monday - Wednesday via FedEx Priority Overnight which guarantess delivery to most places by 10:30 am the following morning. I only charge you actual shipping costs which will be determined based on your location when we set up payment. Animals are shipped in an insulated box and heat/cold packs will be used as needed. I will not ship in extreme weather as it's just not worth the risk to the animals. Live arrival is guaranteed so long as someone is there to receive and sign for the package on the first attempt.

Local pick-up is always welcome. I am located in Denton, TX (about 40 min north of Dallas).
At Blue Apple Herps, I take great pride in my animals. All animals sold are guaranteed to be properly sexed, 100% healthy, and feeding on f/t mice or rats, unless otherwise noted. I also guarantee live arrival if someone is there to sign for the snake on the first attempt. If someone is not there to sign for and accept shipment on the first attempt, the live arrival guarantee is voided. It is imperative that someone be there to accept shipment. If you opt to have your package held at the FedEx facility, the live guarantee is applicable if you pick up the package within three hours of it being available for pick up. If the package is left for more than three hours then the guarantee is void. I highly recommend having the shipment held at your local FedEx facility and you pick it up yourself. This has several advantages. One is that the box is kept in a climate controlled environment once it arrives which decreases the chances of drastic temperature changes effecting the snake. It also allows you pick up the snake first thing once it arrives and not have to wait for delivery.

If there is a problem, I must be notified within 24 hours of recieving shipment. In the case of a DOA, pictures may be required to verify the animal in question. Do not throw out or bury the animal. Save it by placing it in your freezer until the situation can be ameliorated to yours and my satifsaction. If I do not hear from you within the first 24 hours, I will assume that everything is OK and that you are happy with your order.